Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1.        Application
These Rules define the use by users of the website service available at This service is made available by Stopa Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa (Limited Partnership) based in 77-124 Parchowo, ul. Kościerska 12 (Poland) („Administrator”), which is entered in the register carried by the District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, 8th  Commercial Chamber, with number KRS 0000357868, tax ID: 842-174-88-98, Business Code Number (REGON): 221031937. All users of this website of the Administrator with the address www.canivera.plare required to observe the Website Use Rules described below:
Please study these Rules carefully, since the use of the www.canivera.plwebsite and the information contained thereon means the automatic acceptance of these Website Use Rules. Should you not accept these Rules please do not use this website.
Whenever the user violates the Website Use Rules presented or uses the www.canivera.plwebsite for illegal or indecent purposes the Administrator can at his own discretion restrict, suspend or block the access to the website to such a user without further notice.
Administrator reserves the right to modify these Website Use Rules without an earlier notice to the website users. Considering this, the website user is recommended to check the contents of these Rules for possible modifications on a regular basis. These Rules can be accessed through the link on the home page.

2.        Safety measures
It is prohibited to use the website for illegal or indecent purposes, including for the purposes leading to the discrimination of other users, curtailing the rights of other users or preventing other users from using the website. In particular it is prohibited to use the website in a manner that can:

a.       allow illegal access to the data contained on and outside the website,

b.      cause disturbance of the data-processing infrastructure of the website service or cause danger to the use or the quality of the operations carried out by other users of that website,

c.       cause damage or destruction of the integrity of the computer resources.

All users of the website are requested to notify the Administrator of all illegal or indecent contents found on the websites of this service. The Administrator shall take the appropriate action to remove or block the access to such information.

3.        Limitation of the liability
This website can solely be used at the own risk of the user. To the highest extent allowed by law the Administrator shall not be liable for the up-to-dateness, correctness or completeness of the information presented at the website, or its suitability for any specific purposes of the user. The data and information contained on the website solely serve information purposes. The Administrator shall make every effort to ensure the up-to-dateness and completeness of the information presented at the website on products and services of the Administrator, however due to the fact that the information should be presented in a synthetic manner there is a risk that the information presented on the website may not contain all the elements essential from the user’s viewpoint. Therefore it is recommended – in particular for the product information – to confront the information found on the website with the descriptions and information indicated on the packaging of the product. To the highest extent allowed by law the Administrator does not provide any guarantees or assurances of the correctness or truthfulness of the information found on this website, the contents, materials or product offers, or the absence of the violation of third parties.
The Administrator shall make every effort to ensure the appropriate arrangement and functionality of the service. However, despite the efforts made, it may turn out that the information contained on this website is unclear to the user. Also, for reasons beyond the Administrator’s control the use of the website can temporarily be interrupted or suspended. To the highest extent allowed by law the Administrator does not provide any guarantees or assurances of the correctness, completeness or truthfulness of the information found on this website,  the arrangement and functionality of the service or the uninterrupted access and use of this website. The user can find the information he needs on Administrator’s products or services through conventional means of communication such as fax, telephone or letter. The contact particulars of the Administrator can be found on the website at the „Contact” tab.
The Administrator shall not be liable if the www.canivera.plservice cannot be used due to any problems beyond the Administrator’s control, in particular attributable to the provider of the Internet access, hosting services and other. The Administrator shall not be liable for interruptions of the operation of the www.canivera.plservice or any of its functions. The Administrator reserves the right to the interruption of the operation of the service, particularly for technical or other reasons.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Administrator informs that it has the right to modify, optimize and supplement the contents of the service or materials available in the service or on the website and the arrangement of the website at any moment, without notice. No disturbance of the operation of the service or the website due to such actions or other reasons shall constitute the basis to claim any indemnity.
To the highest extent allowed by law the Administrator waives its liability for damages caused by the use of the website or the information found thereon.
The Administrator shall make every effort to protect the website against viruses or other harmful elements of any kind. The Administrator does not provide any assurances that the materials and services found on this website are free from viruses or other harmful elements, and that the service is fully safe.

4.        Links to external websites
This website can contain references to third-party products or services, or links to third-party websites. Through those links the user can move to third-party systems, for whose contents, correctness or function the Administrator does not have any liability. The placement of a link to external websites does not mean that the Administrator supports or assumes liability for the products or services found on such external websites. All links to other third-party websites are only placed for the user’s convenience. The user must take decisions regarding third-party products, services and websites on his own.

5.        Intellectual property rights
All the contents and materials found on this website, including the graphics, texts, trademarks, the arrangement of the website and other elements (jointly „the Contents”) are owned by the Administrator or were used by the Administrator with the consent of the relevant proprietor. Both the website and the contents, logotypes, images and other materials, the selection and form of the presentation thereof are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights.
The use of the Contents does not mean that the users acquire any rights on tangible property, including to compositions. The user can solely use such compositions to the extent allowed by the 4 February 1994 copyright and neighboring rights act ((Journal of Laws no 24, section 83, as amended) and the 27 July 2001 database protection act (Journal of Laws no 128, section 1402). In particular, except as provided for in those acts, it is prohibited to copy, modify or transmit electronically or otherwise for commercial purposes and without a prior written consent of the Administrator the website or any part thereof. The trademarks, trademarks, logotypes and other marks (jointly „the Trademarks”) placed on the website are legally protected. The consent for the use of this website does not amount to the permission for the use of the Trademarks appearing on this website. Any use of the Trademarks or any other similar marks or names is prohibited, unless the Administrator consents in writing for such a use of the Trademarks. The violation of the intellectual property rights can cause the Administrator or other authorized person to take the appropriate legal action.

6.        Materials transmitted
All the announcements and materials, including messages, queries, comments, suggestions, ideas, graphics and images (jointly „the Materials”) transmitted via the website are deemed not confidential or proprietary. By transmitting the Materials the user agrees for the Administrator to use same free of charge for any purpose, including to multiply, disclose, transmit or publish them. In addition, by transmitting the Materials the user guarantees that the Materials transmitted are owned by him and that the use of the Materials by the Administrator will not violate any third-party rights. The Administrator is not in any way required to use the Materials. The Administrator shall not be liable for the Materials placed by users on this website or other websites linked to this website. The Administrator reserves the right to remove from this website any Materials deemed by him illegal or indecent, including the Materials which are offensive, obscene, discriminating, call for race, religious or ethnical hatred, or propagate violence.

7.        Confidentiality policy
By transmitting via the website queries or comments, or by subscribing for materials relating to the Administrator, the users can make available to the Administrator their personal particulars, including the name and surname, the email and mailing address. The personal particulars provided to the Administrator by the user will be processed by the Administrator to the extent permitted by the user, and also for the technical purposes relating to the registration of users and support of this website. At the same time, the Administrator informs that the personal particulars provided by the user can be used by the Administrator for marketing purposes of Stopa’s products and services.
The user has the right to access and correct his personal particulars as provided for in the regulations on the protection of personal particulars. The personal particulars of the user are gathered on a fully voluntary basis.

8.        Cookies
In order to gather the statistical data on the users’ traffic and to facilitate to them the use of the contents of the website the Administrator uses the technology known as cookies, that is the information recorded by the website server on the user’s computer, which can be read by the server whenever the computer connects to it. The user can at any time switch off in his Internet browser the option of admitting cookies, which will not cause any problems in using the website. More information on the switching off of cookies can be found in the instructions of use of the browser involved and the „help” section of the browser.

9.        Final provisions
Any queries or comments of the users relating to the terms of using the website or the confidentiality policy of the Administrator can be emailed to